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For Garmin® handhelds and car navigation units

Featuring continental coverage for all countries in Africa. Explore the wonders of Africa with confidence.

GPS map of South Africa
Navigating Cape Town in Night Mode

Version 2012.11 (Released October 2012) coverage includes:

Roads, Political Boundaries, Rivers and Lakes
Over 86,000 points of interest including: food, lodging, shops, camping, gas stations, and emergency services.
Nature Reserves, National Parks, Conservancy, Game Reserve
Autorouting, turn-by-turn directions for the following countries: Lesotho, Swaziland, Namibia, Angola, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Malawi, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Ethiopia, Sudan, Egypt, Somalia, Eritrea, Chad, and South Africa*
Major roads (not-autorouting) in Somalia, Tunisia, Libya, Algeria, Morocco, and Western Sahara
    * Not intended for city navigation in South Africa (see: Disclaimers below)

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GPS maps on microSD-memory card and shipped with a standard-size adapter. The maps is compatible with any Garmin GPS listed. Ask TravelByGPS (submit your question below) if your GPS is not listed.

GPS maps delivered by Internet download are for use with Garmin MapSource software, which you will use to transfer the maps to your GPS. Ask TravelByGPS (submit your question below) if you do not have Garmin MapSource software.
Delivery Several shipping options are provided at time of purchase. Choose Priority or Express Mail Delivery to locations within the United State. Ask TravelByGPS (submit your question below) if you require delivery to other countries. Download instructions will follow completion of purchase.
System Requirements No computer is necessary. Plug-and-play SD-memory card are convenient and easy to use. Just insert the card and your GPS automatically load the maps.

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A Windows platform PC with Garmin Mapsource installed is required.

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A version for Apple/Mac computer is available, ask TravelByGPS (submit your question below) for check-out instructions.


These maps are for your personal use. Along with your SD-memory card, you will receive map serial number and product key, which you may use for updates and product support.

If you require multiple licenses, ask TravelByGPS (submit your question below) for information on volume discounts.

These maps are for your personal use. Upon completion of purchase, you will receive map serial number and product key, which you may use for updates and product support.

If you require multiple licenses, ask TravelByGPS (submit your question below) for information on volume discounts.

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Full refund on unopened cards (buyer pays return shipping). Defective SD-cards will be replaced. No returns on opened cards after 3 days.

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Screenshot from Garmin nuvi, showing the vicinity of Mount Kenya near the equator.

gps map of mt Kenya

Here is map detail in South Africa showing Kruger National Park and Andover Game Reserve.

GPS map of Kruger national park

Details in and around the Ngorongoro Crater include topographic contours and 4-wheel drive routes. GPS Map of Ngorongoro Conservation Area
The map shows off road tracks in Serengeti National Park. GPS map of Serengeti national park


While the auto-routing feature is useful, you must be aware that due to the constant changing and complexity of the road networks, oneways, physical and regulatory turn restrictions and other traffic patterns may not all be represented. This map is not intended to be used as the sole means of navigation.

And while these maps are auto-routing for most parts of Southern and Eastern Africa - and can in fact give you turn-by-turn directions from Cape to Cairo - do not expect complete border-to-border coverage. These maps only cover places that are relevant to travelers and auto-routing is intended to provide the safest route.

Regarding South Africa, Tracks4Africa maps are have very good city street coverage outside of South Africa, however, for city street detail in places Johannesburg we recommend:

City Navigator Southern Africa NT Digital Map


Travel By GPS is proud to offer this GPS Map of Africa developed by Tracks4Africa- "Mapping Africa, one day at a time."


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