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GPS Maps and Points of Interest for Travel in Europ

If you purchased a GPS outside of Europe, then chances are you do not have detailed map coverage of Europe. And if you are planning to travel to Europe, you should load up on maps before you leave. Even if you do not plan to drive, using a GPS is still helpfull. Imagine trying to listen for your stop on a train or bus. It is hard enough to understand these announcements in English, let alone a foreign language. Take your GPS with you and you'll always know where you are.

I recommend you purchase Garmin City Navigator Europe NT 2012 Map Card MicroSD/SD . The microSD/SD-card version has the same detail as the DVD version. The advantage - especially if you are not planning to take many trips to Europe - is that with the map on the card it can be used in any compatible GPS. That means you can share it, give it to a friend, or you can sell it! So, it is like renting the map. Also, if you decide to upgrade your GPS, or if your GPS stops working, you can use the map on SD-card in your new GPS. (The DVD version requires that you register it with your GPS and the map will be locked to to your GPS forever.)


For adding maps of the European countries to your, Garmin nuvi:

Contact us to purchase this product from outside the USA and have shipped internationally.


City Navigator Europe NT 20102 offers full access to City Navigator Europe NT maps, which now include full coverage for Bulgaria, Kosovo, Serbia and Turkey, and additional coverage detail for Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. Get up-to-date, fully routable maps with over 6 million miles (10 million kilometers) of road coverage and nearly 4.5 million points of interest including restaurants, hotels, ATMs, entertainment venues and more. Powered by NAVTEQ, a world leader in premium-quality digital map data. Pre-Programmed on microSD Memory Cards, City Navigator NT Europe data cards include the same detailed maps, points of interest and coverage areas as the traditional City Navigator Europe data, just compressed with Garmin NT Technology for your compatible Garmin. Purchase all of Europe on one microSD with SD adapter card or microSD with SD adapter European preprogrammed cards. Pre-programmed datacards:Pre-programmed datacards can be immediately installed for use in your device. Simply unpack the card and insert it into your compatible GPS device. These maps do not need to be unlocked to your device which allows you to use the card with multiple units if desired. However, you will not have access to the mapping on your computer. Maps in this format will need to be purchased separately when a new version is released. PLEASE NOTE: This card will not work with older model nuvi 350, 360, 650, 660, or 680. This card will not work with the Streetpilot C series. Please contact us directly for the proper mapping if you have one of these units.


Screen shots

gps map of oslo norway
(click to enlarge)
Oslo, Norway

gps map vatican rome italy
(click to enlarge)
Vatican City (Rome), Italy

gps map warsaw poland
(click to enlarge)
Warsaw, Poland

gps map helsinki finland
(click to enlarge)
Helsinki, Finland

gps map madrid spain
(click to enlarge)
Madrid, Spain

gps map prague czech republic
(click to enlarge)
Prague, Czech Republic

gps map copenhagen denmark
(click to enlarge)
Copenhagen, Denmark

gps map amsterdam netherland
(click to enlarge)
Amsterdam, The Netherlands









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