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Appalachian  Trail

Hking the Appalachian TrailHiking the Appalachian Trail is an adventure of a life time, which requires detailed planning. Whether you are through-hiking the AT or just day hiking a portion of it, you'll want the best maps and information available. On this page you will find links to downloadable GPS waypoints and tracks for the AT.

The GPS map of the Appalachian Trail that you can download from this site is an enhanced version of the data from the Appalachian Trail Conference. This GPS map includes shelter waypoints, connected as routepoints. The result is not as accurate as trail centerline GIS data, but it won't overwhelm your computer.

Google Earth image of the AT Appalachian TrailClick on the binoculars to see a screen shot of Google Earth displaying this GPS map of the Appalachian Trail over the Presidential Range.


More Info

The National Park Service provides some additional information, but perhaps the best source of information on trail conditions and restrictions is at the Appalachian Trail Conservancy web site;


This GPS map data was adapted from the Appalachian Trail Conservancy shelter waypoint data. The AT Conservancy has a wealth of other data including the trail centerline data, at:

Related GPS Maps

If you'd like to have a taste of hiking the Appalachian Trail over five nights, the Bartram Trail (BT) in North Carolina is coincident with the AT at two places, making a nice 50 mile loop. Along this loop, where the AT crosses the Nantahala River, the town of Wesser, North Carolina is an epicenter of recreational activity, including whitewater rafting and mountain biking. Here are two related maps that cover this area:

Travel by GPS Map of the Bartram Trail

Travel by GPS Map of the AT-BT Loop in the Nantahala National Forest

More Maps and Data at Trimble Outdoors

The 50-mile AT-BT Loop is shown below.

Custom Paper Map

Create a custom map that can be ordered and delivered directly to your door. The map is pre-defined with with the AT-BT Loop Trail Overlay. You can accept the default or re-define the map type, print size and scale.






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