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The list below includes links to web sites that provide GPS Maps and waypoints (latitude and longitude coordinates). Some sites offer downloadable GPS data for hiking, fishing, snowmobiling, on- and off road sightseeing.  Map data may include images, waypoints, routes, and tracks for use with handheld GPS and car navigation systems from Garmin, Magellan, Lowrance and others.

GPS Enjoy - GPS Waypoint coordinates and tracks for outdoor recreation in the Bulgaria.

La Hispaniola - User contributed maps and data for the Dominican Republic and Haiti.

Proyecto Mapear - GPS maps of Argentina

RC maps - GPs Road and topo map of Veitnam

Warsaw Project - The Unofficial GPS Map of Poland

Across Canada Trail - Free Garmin map for biking across canada.

OpenMaps Project - Free maps for Austria, Bosnia Herzegovina, Czech Republic, Croatia, Transylvania, Slovakia, and Slovenia.

Trace GPS - French web site for exchanging hiking and biking tracks.

Hong Kong Open GPS Map project -

eTrailGuide - Garmin compatible maps and GPS data for hiking and biking in Santa Clara County California.

GPS Sled Maps - (link removed).

GPS Cycling Tours - Tracks from cycling tours and archaeological sites in and around Mexico City

First Waypoint - Australian GPS Waypoints and track files

GPS Walk - provides waypoints, routes, for walks in Western Australia.

Batavia Geo Server - user supplied waypoints tracks of the Neatherlands

GPS Serbia (broken/obsolete link) - huge archive of GPS maps for region of Serbia. - "Track for Vagabons" - show and collaborate tracks on google maps. - GPS Topo maps of Bulgaria for Garmin and Magellan receivers.

Vector Maps of Europe - (broken link)
mostly eastern european countries in Garmin compatible format.

West Highland Way - Long distance walk in Scotland, from Glasgow to Fort William. (obsolete link)

Surreal Scania - GPS coordinates for locations where short films portray common place as points of interst. - Mountain Biking Waypoints and Tracks for Mexico (obsolete link) - A growing collection of GPS waypoints and tracks for travel in Indonesia. - A Dutch site with lot of gps info, tracks and how to.

Tracksource Project - free GPS maps of Brazil for Garmin recievers.

GPS Maps of Malaysia and Singapore free maps that you can download to Garmin GPS mapping recievers.

Tracks aus La Palma GPS data, mostly tracks of the island of La Palma

GPS Hiking travel routes in the Netherlands and Northern Europe (broken link)

Estonia GPS Travel Portal Hiking, cycling, birdwatching... tracks for National Parks, Islands... in Estonia.

GPS Tour and Wapoints is a great site for GPS travel destinations in Italy, including hiking, skiing, and especially cycling.

GPS-Tour.INFO - A GPS tour file sharing web site with many tracks for mountain biking in Germany and Austria

GPS-Tracks - Great web site for finding GPS data for biking and alpine fun in Switzerland. - a large collection of gps tracks for biking and hiking in the Netherlands, Holland.

SpeedTrap Exchange - Some GPS coordinates provided by users for Speedtrap locations in USA, Mexico, and Canada.

Crankfire - Connecticut Mountain Biking Community with a focus on GPS mapping.

Czech GPS Maps ( broken link)
Free Czech and Slovakia GPS for Garmin mapping recievers.

Pyrenees Mountains
Hiking Spain and France on hut to hut (refuge to refuge) tour of the Pyrenees Mountains

GPS-Route online - Peter Roosen's website (deutsch). German, European and wordlwide GPS Tracks database for Motorbike and bicycle touring.

GPS Data at Topografix
GPS data for Mountain bike rides around Boston, Massachusetts

GPS Data for Boundary Waters Canoe Area
Locations of portages and campsites for the BWCAW in Wisconsin and Michigan.

GPS Data at Spanish GPS Aviation Database
Spanish aeronautical flight information data.

GPS Data at Off Road (broken)
GPS Routes for off-roading in England.

GPS Data at Mac im Netz for Madeira, Portugal
Tracks of roads and some trails for the islands off the coast of Morocco.

GPS Data at Discovery Owners Association
GPS Map data for RV enthusiasts, including campgrounds, parks, dump stations, repair facilities, and low clearance locations.

Loren and Margaret's Great Caribbean Adventure (obsolete link)
"It was one of our best vacations ever, with challenge, adventure, and some of the most beautiful scenery and best sailing we'd ever seen."

Austin Hiking Trails
"Austin and the surrounding area is blessed with a large number of hike and bike trails. You have not fully explored Austin until you have taken some time and spent it with nature along these routes."

Bear Boxes
"Some of these bear boxes (aka food storage lockers) are not on the park service info sheets."

Sierra Peaks List
"This list was prepared as a convenient reference to many of the major peaks of the Sierra Nevada."

Colorado and Wyoming Wreckchasing
"Colorado and Wyoming aircraft crash site page."

GPS Rock Climbing Guide
"GPS coordinates of rock climbing areas (and hot springs) in the USA, Europe and the World."

Popular Birding Locations
"Locations, Coordinates, and Maps of Some Popular Birding Locations in the St. Louis Area."

Rotondo Hut: GPS-Track Logs
"This guide describes the route possibilities around the Rotondo hut."

County Highpoints
"Highpoints in Maryland and Delaware Counties."

Florida Boating GPS Waypoints
GPS Waypoints for Artificial Reefs in Florida

Snowmobiling Page (Broken Link)
"A Snowmobiling Page, Located in Pittsburgh PA"

Tour Alaska GPS Snomobile Trail Maps (broken/obsolete link)
"GPS mapped trails around Alaska. Printable maps, downloadable track log and waypoint files."

Tracks 4 Africa
GPS Maps of Africa for Garmin Compatible GPS devices. Coverage for the entire continent. Auto-routing for tourists and business.

GPS Waypoints in Nepal
"This is a developing collection of GPS waypoints in Nepal. Most are differentially corrected and include elevations in metres."

GPS & Hiking
"Here are some track logs from a couple of hikes in the Toronto area."

Download a bit map image with lat/lon grid of Arisaig Harbor for use with OziExplorer.

Lower Chesapeake Bay Boating and Fishing Waypoints
Off Cape Charles, there's no better place to fish for spot, flounder, croaker, sea trout and Spanish mackerel, tuna, marlin, sharks and dolphin.

GPS Walker (broken/obsolete link)
Airplane crash sites documented with GPS by Jim Webb in and around Dartmoor, southern England, and Wales.

John's GPS Waypoint Page
"...a list of waypoints for the UK & Europe , giving the main Motorway / Autoroute junctions, Service Areas etc, which will be available in OziExp format as well as plain text."

Phil's GPS Waypoint Resource Pages
"UK Hills Database.. includes OS grid references, altitude, conversions to latitude/ longitude, and hyperlink to OS map of each peak."

Golf By GPS (link broken)
Latitude / Longitude Coordinates for the greens of many golf courses, especially Michigan.

Nima2GPS (link broken)
Download a free, feature-limited version of Nima2GPS software.  Demo data includes the NIMA database for Argentina, South America.

WhereNext (link broken)
Unique on-line resource for sightseeing in the UK.

BVI GPS Waypoints - #86
"There are very few pleasures that can compare to spending a vacation on a sailing yacht in the beautiful blue waters of the BVI... "

Pilot Getaways; Sky Trail - #87
An aerial tour of the WWII Desert Training Center, located in the desert east of Los Angels, that General Patton used to train troops for combat.

WaypointsDotPH - #88
A Website of Philippine Treks, Tourist Destinations and GPS Waypoints.

Amsterdam Waypoints -#89
Sightseeing waypoints for tourists and scouts visiting Amsterdam.

Fort Finding in the Netherlands - #90 (obsolete link)
Download waypoints of forts and casemates of the Maginot Line in Waypoint+ format.  Also waypoints of campgrounds museums and more. 

2 Guys Fishing in Tampa Bay - #91
Fishing GPS waypoints in Florida Tampa Bay Pinellas-Pasco area.

Baja GPS Guide - #94 obsolete link
Rancho La Ponderosa is a camp with more off-road potential than any other site.

Dan's GPS and Map Potpourri - #95
GPS data for hiking, horseback riding, and mountain biking in Colorado.

Waypoint and Map Files - #96 (Broken Link)
Map images and GPS data for "Åre" ski resort, near the town of Duved, Denmark.

San Diego Oceans Foundation's Project Yukon - #97 (Broken Link) 
Scuba wreck and reef diving locations off the coast of San Diego California.

Stowell Adventures -#100
Hiking trips in the Anza-Borrego desert, east of San Diego, California

USA Aviation Database - #101 (broken/obsolete link)
Magellan GPS 315/315A/320 USA Aviation Database

Washington State Snowmobile Trails - (link removed)
Trails documented in Washington state area, including: Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Baker, Yakima, Cle Elum, and others.

Southwestern Idaho Trail Maps - #106 (broken/obsolete link)
Hiking, Biking, and Ski Trails in and around Boise, Ponderosa Sate Park, Bogus Basin Ski Area, Josephine Lake, and Corrals Mountain, Idaho.

Diverlink Artificial Reefs and Wrecks - #108
Loran and GPS coordinates for many popular wrecks in Southeast Florida.

Central Florida Kayak Trips - #119
Self-guided Paddling Trips from the Suwannee River to Sanibel Island, Florida.

Philmont Waypoints - #121
GPS waypoint coordinates for camp sites within the Philmont Scout Ranch near Cimarron, New Mexico.

Des Moines River Waypoints - #122
GPS Coordinates for Several Paddling Trips Along the Des Moines River, Iowa.

Coastal Outdoors - #125 (obsolete content)
On-line magazine for fishing and boating in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Florida.

Backpacking Northern Sweden - #127
GPS waypoint coordinates for hiking trails and cabins in extreme northeastern Sweden.

Cape May County, New Jersey, Fishing and Diving (STATUS: ERROR 404)
GPS Waypoint Coordinates for fishing and diving off the coast of Cape May County (Ocean City, Atlantic City) New Jersey.

NCDMF Artificial Reefs - #129
GPS Waypoint Coordinates for fishing and diving off the coast of North Carolina (Cape Hatteras, Cape Fear, Cape Lookout)

Birds of the Upper Texas Coast - #131
GPS waypoint coordinates for popular birding locations in Texas.

Texas Sports Guide - #132
GPS waypoint coordinates for hunting and fishing in and around several lakes in Texas.

Popular GPS Coordinates for Lake Mead - #133
GPS waypoint coordinates for paddling, fishing, hiking, diving, biking, and driving in and around Lake Mead Nevada and Arizona.

Lake Erie, Western Basin GPS Coordinates - #134
GPS waypoint coordinates for fishing on Lake Erie - the "Walleye Capital of the World."

San Gorgonio Wilderness GPS Coordinates - #135
GPS Waypoint Coordinates for places of interest in the San Gorgonio Wilderness.

Northeast England Dive Sites - #136
GPS waypoint coordinates for dive sites in Northeast England and Southern Scotland.

Universo Off-Road - #138 (obsolete link)
4x4 Trails in Brazil. Web site written in Portuguese.

 Jeffs Hiking Tracklogs - #139
Track data for several hikes in Utah with special emphasis on GPS reception accuracy.

Networks of cycling routes in Belgium and The Netherlands - #145
In parts of Belgium and The Netherlands,  networks of cycling routes  allow you to plan tours of virtually any length starting at a point that is convenient to you.

East Tennessee Mountain Bike Rides
GPS waypoint coordinates for parking at mountain bike trailheads in East Tennessee.

Northwest Off-Road
Washington and Oregon jeep trails documented in Topo! (.tpg) file format.  Photos and detailed trail descriptions.

GPS Mountain Bike Trail Guide
GPS data for Mountain Biking Trails in Northern California.

Nad27 . com
Nad27 . com has topographic maps that cover popular 4x4 trails around the Seattle area.

Schlaggo on the Road in Scotland
Link to: GPS data documenting the Motorcycle travels of Rolf Schlagenhaft on his tour of Scotland.

Schlaggo on the Road in the France and Spain
Link to: GPS data documenting the Motorcycle travels of Rolf Schlagenhaft on his tour of the Pyrenees

Paiute Trail GPS Info - Utah
GPS waypoint coordinates for off-road riding the Paiute Trail near Marysvale Utah.

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