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Topo Afghanistan

Developed for soldiers of all ranks, press personnel, international organizations, security and construction companies, TOPO Afghanistan includes accurate location information needed to navigate Afghanistan with confidence. On- or off-road, TOPO Afghanistan is the most detailed road and topo map of Afghanistan available.

For Garmin® handhelds and car navigation units

afghanistanTOPO Afghanistan is a full featured topographic map, designed to be used with Garmin BaseCamp and with newer Garmin handhelds that display high-resolution digital-elevation-model (DEM) views. Contour data is included along with geographic points-of-interest (POIs), including wadi (arroyos/dry creek beds), summits, kariz and settlements. Terrain is rendered in 3-dimensions with shaded relief.

DVD version available for use with Garmin MapSource and Basecamp software that will transfer maps to GPS. Or, SD-memory card version for use with GPS only. Download version available by special request.

$350 USD
with free updates

Note: For ISAF/Government users only. Customers must have government email address or otherwise satisfy vetting requirements.

Contact Doug at for more information and to purchase.



Topo Afghanistan is designed to be used with Garmin's BaseCamp in 2D & 3D and Garmin's BirdsEye Satellite Imagery (not included). These screenshots from Oregon 450 GPS show the imagery overlaid with the map data.
A comprehensive point of interest database enable map features to be easily identified.
The DVD version comes with native Macintosh (no conversion from Windows needed) and Windows versions. A screenshot of the windows version is show above. The Mac version is show below.
Topo Afghanistan comes bundled with Lifetime updates - a US$89.99 value.


Topo Afghanistan is a product of North Hollywood GIS, authorized by Garmin to develop maps for Garmin GPS devices and mapping software:

Garmin Authorized

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