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Amman, Jordan

Tourism Sites South of Amman and the Jordan Valley

You'll fee like Indiana Jones discovering the Treasury building in Petra - the lost city.You'll feel like Indiana Jones, discovering for yourself the lost city of Petra, exploring Crusader castles, hiking the moonscapes of Wadi Rum, and climbing Mount Nebo.  Then, regenerate your weary bones with a "swim" in the Dead Sea.

Download this GPS Map of tourist sites in Jordan.  Included are several waypoints for planning your trip to the region and getting around once you're there.

Google Earth image of route up Jordan and the Dead SeaClick on the binoculars to see Google Earth displaying the Jordan Valley.

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File Name jordan.gpx (37KB), jordan.kmz (6KB)
Revised: 15 December 2005
Datum: WGS84
Class A1 Data

  1. Tracklog from downtown Amman to the Dead Sea Rest House, in Sweimeh.

Waypoints: 19 Points of interest, including:

  1. CRUSADER CASTLE - Built around 1100 AD, Karak formed part of a great line of Crusader castles stretching from Aqaba to Turkey.  Its commanding position,  almost 1000 meters above the Dead Sea Valley, gave it strategic significance.  Taxes levied on passing caravans 
  2. TREASURY BLDG - Petra (the lost city) was the capital of this region prior to the Roman empire. Indian Jones and the Last Crusade. The famous Treasury building and others were carved out of solid rock.
  3. WADI RUM - The Burdah Bridge in Wadi Rum. is just one of the unusual features you will see while hiking around this moon-like desert landscape. Climbers are especially attracted to 600-foot tall sandstone "jebels"
  4. The vista from Mt. Nebo includes the Dead Sea, the West Bank, the Jordan River, and, on a clear day, Bethlehem and Jerusalem.
  5. DEAD SEA REST HOUSE - The Dead Sea,  although completely devoid of life itself, is famous for it's restorative powers. On northern shores of the Dead Sea,  at Sweimeh, 
  6. ROMAN AUDITORIUM - Near downtown  Amman, ruins of a Roman Theater are clear evidence of ancient Philadelphia.

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Adventure Travel Tip

Travel is relatively safe in Jordan, but as always you should exercise commonsense. Don't cross the "green-line", stay within the 1967 borders.  Hike in groups of three or more.

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Special thanks to Larry (in 2005) and Vicky (in 2003) for contributing these waypoints from their trips to Jordon.


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