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Technical Dive Sites

Deep water wreck diving in FloridaThere is a small community of technical divers that visit ship wrecks at depths beyond recreational dive limits. Because of the difficulties involved, locations of these wrecks are often misrepresented. Download this GPS map for some of the most accurate data available for the "deeper stuff."

Special thanks to Mark Zurl for contributing this data and photo. Mark adds these comments to those who would venture forth:

"I have collected this data from various sources and find it to be highly accurate. The coordinates were acquired at the actual site by reliable equipment, not calculated from older LORAN or obtained from unreliable sources. There are some wrecks whose location I will not publish, but I think the ones below are fair game. These coordinates are published for informational purposes only. I am NOT promoting them as dive sites, nor should they be dove by anyone without the proper training, equipment, and experience to do so" - Mark Zurl

wrek diving in FloridaClick on the binoculars to see a demonstration of Maptech displaying the numerous wreck locations off Pompano Beach, Florida. pompano_maptech.jpg (Approx. 80 KB) opens in a new window.


GPS Map Details

File Name wrecks.gpx (12KB), nwps32.txt (6KB)
Revised: 20 Sept 2003
Class A Data
Waypoints: 66

Adventures in Print

Good Book on Scuba Diving in FloridaYou won't find the deeper stuff in Ned DeLoach's Diving Guide to Underwater Florida* but it's a good one for the recreational diver to have on the shelf.


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