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Eastern Continental Divide

Named Geological Places in North Carolina

Whiteside Mountain Vista on the Eastern Continental Divide in North CarolinaPassing over high summits, along the ridges, and between the gaps in the Blue Ridge Mountains, the Eastern Continental Divide lies on some of the most spectacular scenery that the Carolinas have to offer. The divide is aligned in a general southwest to northeast direction following the course of the Appalachian Mountains. On the north and west sides of the divide, water flows to the Gulf of Mexico via the watershed claimed by the Tennessee Valley Authority. To the east and south of the divide, water flow to the Atlantic Ocean.

Download this GPS Map of all the named geological features (summits, gaps, etc.) that are coincident with the divide.

Hiking and Backpacking the Eastern Continental Divide in North CarolinaClick on the binoculars to see a screenshot of GPS Visualizer displaying the Eastern Continental Divide in North Carolina. ECD_GPSvisualizer.jpg (Approx. 125 KB) opens in a new window.


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GPS Map Details

File Name ecd_nc.gpx
File Size: 61 KB
Revised: 13 January 2004
Class B1 Data
Waypoints: 148 (including summits, gaps, towns, etc.)
  1. Appalachian Trail - Bly Gap to Ridgepole Mountain
  2. Bartram Trail - Osage Mountain to Scaly Mountain
  3. Highlands - from Scaly Mountain to Cowee Gap
  4. Cashiers - from Cowee Gap to Toxaway Mountain.
  5. Toxaway - from Toxaway Mountain to Indian Camp Mountain
  6. Foothills - from Indian Camp Mountain to Standingstone Mountain along the South Carolina boarder
  7. Hendersonville - Standingstone Mountain to The Pinnacle
  8. Blue Ridge Parkway - from The Pinnacle to Humpback Mountain
  9. Linville - from Humpback Mountain to Grandfather Mountain.
  10. Highway 221 - From Grandfather Mountain to Sandy Flat Gap near Blowing Rock.
  11. Boone - from Sandy Flat Gap to Snake Mountain
  12. Tennessee - from Snake Mountain to the Virginia state line along the Tennessee boarder.

Waypoint Convention: ENCXXX; where E is for Eastern Continental Divide and NC is for North Carolina and XXX is sequential numbers from the Georgia state line.

More Info

For more information on the Congenital Divide in Georgia and its importance in the battle for Atlanta, see:

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Devils Courthouse

Bartram Trail Map North CarolinaPaper Map

Regional Detail: For excellent paper maps covering various sections of the Eastern Continental Divide including details of recreational interest,
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