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All-in-one software for GPS maps creation

Mapwel - Mapwel software includes tools for all three steps involved in making maps specifically for Garmin compatible receivers: map creation, map compiling, and map transfer to GPS. New Mapwel 2009 includes autovectorization tool, enabling the user to create maps for Garmin GPS from any map image - including USGS Topo Maps!

Create your own maps for Garmin automotive and handheld GPS



Click here for a free demo

Create maps from ESRI SHP MP, GPX, GDB (Garmin GPS Database), KML, DBX, PLT or WPT files

Editor and support of user defined styles

Trace tool (raster-to-vector conversion)

Automatic conversion of whole raster image to vectors

Add your maps to other maps in GPS

Delete specific maps from GPS or from IMG file on PC

More than 700 projections and geographic systems supported

Export into IMG, KML (Google Earth) and MP formats (Advanced version only)

Fast free-hand digitizing with tablet or mouse

Appilications include: Earth Sciences, Cartography, Geology, Geodesy, Forestry, Geoscience, Mineralogy, Petroleum Geology, Geomorphology, Geocaching, Aviation

Map authoring software a la carte

cGPSmapper - GPS map compiler for converting map data in polish format to Garmin compatible (IMG) format.

SendMap (at - for transferring a compiled map directly to Garmin GPS.

Listed below are 3rd-party graphical user interface programs for the cGPSmapper compiler.

MapMan - map editing software by Keith Sheppard features tools for importing scanned maps and GPS data tools for creating and exporting map data in polish format for use with cGPSmapper.

MapEdit - map editing software at has tools for importing scanned maps and GPS data, exports map data in polish format for use with cGPSmapper. Imports data from a variety of sources including OziExplorer and MapINFO.

More GPS Map and Tour Guide Authoring Resources

Articles and Tutorials for your personal study on "how-to" make GPS maps.

The Map Authors discussion group on Yahoo! for getting help, sharing ideas, and helping others.

Location Data - Sources of lat/lon data (Geocoding web sites), recreational GPS data for outdoor activities, and other sources of location data.

GPS Data Utilities - tools for converting file types.

Map Images - web sites that map images to use as a reference when creating your own maps.

Geographic Information Systems
Viewers, Data, Utilities, and GIS Portals, and a lot of other mapping resource links I haven't re-orginized yet.

More Links - to the GPS community, User Groups, and GPS related web sites that maintain a link to

Location Data

Online Geocoding Services -
Enter Address, Get Latitude/Longitude

International Coverage
Enter an city (address optional) and get the latitude and longitude with map
Free geocoding, online, from your text file. Lat/lon data processed in seconds. Results displayed on Yahoo pan/zoom maps. Results can also be served up on free web page. Wow.

GeoCode America
Enter a street address and get the latitude and longitude

Geocoder US

Geographic Names Information System (GNIS)
Enter a (US) geographic placename and get the latitude and longitude

Canada Natural Resources - Geomatics
Enter a (Canadian) geographic placename and get latitude and longitude

Location search engines for the United Kingdom

Map Features (benchmarks, trig points, follies, caves, fords...)

Traveler Locations of Interest (pubs, dining, hotels...)

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Recreational GPS data web sites

Delorme Topo USA 5.0 Trail Exchange
Upload/Download files from the forum

National Geographic MapXchange
Download Topo! data posted by individuals who use the poplar mapping software.

Motion Based
A web application that translates GPS data into functional analysis and online mapping for endurance and outdoor athletes.

My Fish Maps - a GPS-based Google mapping site for fishing.
"Find or Add a Trail" - Member built GPS database for recreational activities,  primarily on west coast North America.

GPS Exchange - Gps Track log route exchange Forum
GPS coordinates, photos, links, and comments for travelers and tourists.

Phil's GPS Waypoint Resource Pages - UK

Angling Atlas
Add your own fishing locations to the map. Click the map and fish the world.

Trail Registery
Hiking and backpacking planning and GPS trail data.

Jeep trails in England.  The free example route (South Bucks) covers most of the "Green Lanes" in Buckinghamshire.

Die Wegpunkt-Datenbank
Waypoint Database (in German)

GPS Pilot
Waypoint Collections for use with GPS Pilot Software.
Inculuding World Cities, Airports and Navaids in (.pdb) format.

GPS Pilot Waypoint Database Generator provides AA and DAFIF  information in (.pbd) format.

Worldwide Soaring Turnpoint Exchange
Unofficial Coordinates of Soaring Turnpoints

A Website of Philippine Treks, Tourist Destinations and GPS Waypoints.

First Waypoint
Australian GPS Waypoints and Tracks

GPS Trail Maps - Alaska

4 x 4 Trails - Colorado

GPS Routen - Germany

Waypoint Base - WPs/Routes from all over the world.

GPS Global - Brasil

Trail Waypoints

BiciMapas - Mexico

Walk with GPS - United Kingdom

GPS Tracks - Netherlands

GPS Trackmaker Digital Charts
Free downloadable digital maps of several countries in the GPS Trackmaker (.gtm) format.

Topo Share - share and exchange GPX data - Untited States.

Every Trail - upload, visualize and share your outdoor activities. - French web site for sharing GPS data.

Two Brazilian-based websites and
in Portuguese language, provide location data for points of interest around the world.

Cache listing services

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Free Custom GPS Maps from Various Sources:

These links are to web sites that provide free GPS maps.

To list your site here, contact me.

Japan Map for Garmin Mapping GPS - detailed map of the middle of Japan including Tokyo. This is a custom Garmin basemap based on the Digital Map of the GSI in Japan.

Robert Elsinga's Garmin Maps Download Page - Maps for the Canary Islands, including Gran Canaria and Tenerife

Caribbean Mapping Project - detailed maps of Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands, including, St. Croix, St. Thomas and St. John.

GPS Maps of Malaysia and Singapore - free maps that you can download to Garmin GPS mapping receivers.

Tracksource Project - free GPS maps of Brazil for Garmin receivers.

Mapping - Wyoming Topo Maps, Colorado Topo and 4WD Trail maps

El proyecto MAPEAR - digital maps of Argentina

DougsBrat - Maps of Texas, Cozumel, ... - maps of Bulgaria for Garmin and Megellan

Viajeros Mapas - a source for free maps for South America

GPS Venezuela - Proyecto mapas de Venezuela en GPS

Warsaw Project - Unofficial GPS Maps of Poland

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GPS Data Utilities

GeePeeEx - ( )
GPX Editor for Garmin

GPS Babel - ( )
File Format Conversion Utility

Cybarber's XLST Translator/Converter
On-line appilication for converting GPX to KML and vice versa.
Note: Only works with Internet Explorer Browser.

GPS Utility ( )
GPSU opens most all GPS data file types.  Particularly useful is the facility to import Magellan MapSend POI data files and Streets and Trips files, and DXF (AutoCAD) file format.

G7 to Win ( )
"Garmin / Lowrance / Eagle GPS Interface Software for the PC"

"Interfaces a Garmin GPS to a Win95/NT PC"
To download the authors new utility for working with Excel files - WaypointXL- click here.

GeoConv (
A heavy-duty utility for big jobs converting Ozi <-> GPX

POSAID - Convert Loran T1/T2 to GPS Lat/Lon (free utility)

DRGMapCal - generates  map calibration (.map) files
for OziExplorer from Toporama and MapQuest images.

Covert between British Postal Costal Codes and Latitude / Longitude

PC Software from the NGS. Coordinate conversion, data manipulation utilities, etc.


Mapquest Reverse Geocoding

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Map Collections

University of Texas, Library On-Line
Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection.

NOAA Electronic Navigation Charts
Download free from the government.

Relief Web Map Centre
A project of the United Nations
for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs

GIS Data Depot
Digitally Rasterized Graphics (DRG) including USGS topos.


The World of Maps - Die Welt der Karten
Links to catalogues of map holdings.

National Ocean Service
Specialized collection of US costal maps and spatial data


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GIS Data Viewers and Data

"ArcExplorer is a free lightweight GIS data viewer

Esri® Shapefile viewer
Vector map of the world for downloading, plus country-specific vectors.

Digitalgrove, Forestry GIS
A free compact GIS data viewer, digitizer and shapefile editing program for Windows.

MapMaker Gratis
A free fully functional map production program with GIS functions such as thematic mapping and data interrogation.

3DEM Visualization Software - Free. Import digital elevation data and overlays for 3-dimensional visualization and flyby animations.

Like of ArcView, with optional GRASS support. FREE

A FREE complete GIS with image processing capabilities.

See Al$o:

Delorme XMap GIS



Global Mapper

and of course ESRI

GIS Data

ERSI World Basemap Data

Digital Chart of the World - Penn State University
download the boundaries and layers of different countries, in Arc/INFO export format

Coastline Extractor
MapGen Vector Files

GeoNET Name Server
Names, locations for places in selected countries U.S. Maps and Data "your one stop for federal state and local geographic data". A very good resource especially during national disasters like Hurricanes.

Canada's GeoGratis

USGS 7.5 Minute Digital Elevation Models, 10 meter and 30 meter resolution, 7.5 minute, SDTS format DEMs for the entire United States.

Shuttle Radar Topography
SRTM data are available from the USGS server at

National Elevation Dataset
Get big chunks of elevations data at

Satelitte Imagery
Landsat and other data and imagery from University of Maryland.

$atelitte Images
USGS Thematic Mapper


"Business" Data


More free data linked from...

Geography Network

National Geospatial Data Clearinghouse

GIS Utilities

Raster map to Vector map Conversion Tool

GIS Portals and Map Servers

The National Map

National Guard Digital Mapping Server

Mulit-hazard Mapping Inititive

Popular North America Map Servers

Maptech MapServer
Free. View, mark locations, link to any URL,
and share with a colleague.

Offroute's Geographic Feature Finder

ACME Mapper is a general purpose online mapping webiste based on Google Maps

Here is a free outline map generator -

Microsoft TerraServer
Free from USGS and Microsoft.

National (US) Map Viewer

National (US) Atlas


World Wide Map Image Servers

Let's Go!

View 3D topographical renditions of any place on earth. Select and add layers (i.e. water ways, towns etc.). Adjust the size the image and resolution of the image, then save the image to your computer.

Digital Globe
Incredible imagery from Digital Globe's on QuickBird satelitte. Search the globe and view images with the archival tool, at:

Global Land Cover Facility, Earth Science Data Interface
Landsat Images

Earth Science Applications Directorate

OpenStreetMap project.

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More Links...

GPS Community

If your group is not listed, contact me.

Discussion Forums

GPS Map Authors Consortium - Talk with others about, and share information on how to Create and Publish your own GPS Maps!
You are invited to join:

Topics regarding consumer use of GPS hardware and software


Technical issues regarding the GPS system and satellite navigation:




Yahoo! Group


GIS and Mapping Discussions

news:sci.geo.cartography news:comp.infosystems.gis

GPS User Groups on Yahoo!



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Other Web Sites

These prominent web sites are link exchange partners from which I get a good many referrals.  Other web sites with links to Travel by GPS can be found through the GPS Maps Search Index. If you want to have your site listed here, Contact me.

The quintessential web site for GPS info:
Joe Mehaffey and Jack Yeazel's GPS Information Website

SwopNet GPS Waypoints

GPS TrackMaker

GPS Navigator Magazine - An On-Line Magazine for GPS Enthusiasts

Everything GPS - Receiver Manufacturers

Slackpacker - Hiking Trail Finder

GPSnuts - Articles and other Resources for Hobbyist

Wildernet - Outdoor Recreation Guides

GPS Navigation HQ - Newsletter Articles
Gareth's GPS World

The International GPS Waypoint Registry; A Forester's Guide  to GIS, GPS, and Maps

Trail Database (primarily European Trails)

AusHiker - Hiking in Western Australia
Online Resource for Dive Information
Geoff's Information Page,,,
Outdoor Links - Great links, especially for fishing.
J P - Archival Site for Garmin Firmware
Troutman GPS Resource Page
The Netherlands GPS Web Site
Just Hike - As the name implies; hiking gear, tip and trips.
Maps 2 Anywhere - Paper maps and videos.
Trailgauge - Map, route planning software for Windows, Garmin

GPS-Route online - Peter Roosen's website (deutsch).

Environmental Studies - state of the art GPS GSM tracking collars

Petra Studio - Custom GPS maps for Garmin receivers

GPS Track and Photo Maps - upload GPS track logs and overlay those tracks onto aerial photos and topographic maps.

Lake Powell Marine - Offers Magellan and Garmin GPS, fish finders, weather stations and marine electronics.

GPS-Planet - on-line retailer of Garmin, Magellan, Navman, Lowrance, Tomtom and more.

Groovy Adventures - great site for southeastern paddlers and hikers.

Maps and GPS Information - lots of great insight on maps, old and new, GPS related details.

The Virtual Library of Sport; Backpacking and Hiking with GPS links


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