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RoboGEO is a great application for creating travel guides. I recently set out to document Atlanta nightlife and used RoboGEO to help me organize the digital pictures and GPS field data. Here is how i did it:

In the Field

A college friend of mine, who still lives in Atlanta, helped me remember all the great places we used to go in Buckhead. We did this as a walking tour, recalling that's the way most people experience Buckhead - walking from one restaurant/bar to and other. At each location I stood where I would get a good picture, acquired an averaged GPS waypoint, and recorded my verbal description of the place using a voice recorder.

It was cumbersome juggling digital camera, GPS receiver, and voice recorder. I must have appeared as a total geek. At least I didn't have to bring along my laptop and I didn't have to have a tether between the GPS and the digital camera. RoboGEO is computer software that goes to work after you take all the waypoints and pictures.

Post Processing

RoboGEO offers various ways to match up digital pictures with GPS coordinates. I could have synchronized the clocks on the GPS and the digital camera and had RoboGEO match up the photos and coordinates automagically, but I wanted the the most accurate coordinates practical, so I decided to use averaged waypoint readings and match up the pictures manually.

Back at home, all I had to do was put all the digital photos from our bar hopping adventure into one folder on my computer. RoboGEO sucked in all the photos and listed them in the main window. Next I connected my Garmin GPSMap 76 and told RoboGEO to "Get locations".

Matching was easy because I made sure to include the waypoint number in my verbal description of the picture on the voice recorder. After matching, all I had to do was is click the process button, linking the photos with location data and "stamping" the photos with latitude, longitude coordinates. The "stamp" is a thin strip along the bottom of the photo

Creating Output

RoboGEO makes publication easy, offering a variety of output formats including those supported by the Google Maps API and Google Earth.

I recommend that you create output with RoboGEO on the same computer that you plan to use, publish and share the data with. Especially with Google Map API output, there are potentially a lot of files that have to be copied from the one compter to the other. Not really a big deal just something to consider.

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